The Art of Collaboration

When you work on your own as a freelancer, you’re often given projects, provided with the basics and left to your own (highly qualified) devices. It’s the choice many of us have made, to work on our own either as sole practitioners or as consultants for a virtual firm. Often, there’s little, or no, contact with other pr colleagues and even less support when a campaign requires something extra to achieve the kind of success you and the client envisioned. It’s a lone wolf mentality. There’s nothing wrong with it, especially if you admire wolves, but it can be a rather solitary work life.

Over the years, Julia, Judy and I (the MoJJo partnership) found that it’s often more effective (and certainly more fun) to enlist the brain power and expertise of colleagues – and we have relied on each other’s invaluable input on countless occasions since we first worked at a pr firm together over 20 years ago. This collaboration is a gift and one that we’ve put to use regularly.

Collaboration comes in a variety of packages.  First, it’s a powerful tool. It’s actually incredibly helpful to have a trusted colleague tell you that your strategy may be slightly off the mark. Initially, you may question that assertion. Firmly. Then you start to listen and perhaps think in a slightly different way. It’s not about ego or ownership.  It’s about creating a successful campaign. Collaboration with a client is essential as well. How else will you develop a campaign that represents them well if you haven’t collaborated effectively and established exactly what it is they need and what you will realistically provide? Then there’s the MoJJo Collaborative Pool. Over our (many) years in the business we’ve worked with a wide range of talented senior professionals who will jump in to lend their own specialized contributions to MoJJo when we deem that a client’s campaign will benefit from their input. It’s all about responding to a client’s needs. It’s also about assembling a powerful network of pr/marketing professionals who’ve worked together and know each other’s particular strengths.

When Julia, Judy and I decided to start a business together and after we came up with MoJJo as a name, we decided that a tagline would be a good, quick and concise way to describe what it is that we do – and how we do it.  That’s when “Collaborative Communications” came to mind.   It’s what we do. It’s how we work. We may still have the tenacity and aggressive traits (in a good way, of course) of the lone wolf – but we’re no longer “lone.” We’ve found that collaboration provides a more effective way to serve our clients that’s much more enjoyable, effective and ultimately, successful.