The Sisterhood of Women

International Women’s Day – Share your #OneDayIWill – hope you’ll share what’s special about the women in your life.  I’m sharing and celebrating the collaboration, strength, fulfillment and friendship of my two partners.

This great collaboration began more than 25 years ago, long before the Internet, BFFs or social media kept us virtually connected.  You see, MoJJo is really about taking the best from a blonde, brunette and redhead – three heads are better than one, right? – to help businesses articulate their story and get their message out to the audiences that matter.

Because we’ve had the good fortune to work together in various agencies and life incarnations, we’ve been able to overcome any obstacles and strengthen our partnership with one another and those we serve.

Indeed, unlike the current candidates for President, we understand that to get the work done requires respectful cup of discourse, a heap of disagreement and heart filled with compromise to provide the solution to any challenge, be it marketing or international affairs.

Granted we’re not running a country but we believe the same truth holds for any endeavor that has multiple voices, concerns and perspectives.  So, when you need to get the work done, share a message and seek a partner for collaboration, turn to the women of MoJJo.