The Booming Business of Beauty

In early March, Julia and I put on our comfortable shoes and walked the packed aisles of the IECSC Show at the Javits Center in New York City. It was the wonderful Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spaconvention filled with lotions and potions and the tantalizing dream of amazingly long, lush lashes. It was great fun and provided us with an invaluable sense of the trends traveling down the Spa and Wellness pike.

Along the way, we met many representatives of some intriguing products and services. We’d checked out many of the company websites before arriving at the show and made a beeline for those that appealed to us both as consumers and as marketers. (I had to keep tearing myself away from all the hair accessories and jewelry – reminding myself that I was there on business, not to add to my collection of doodads and baubles– but I do love sparkly things).

In every aisle, we discovered products to soothe, smooth and soften every inch of the body. Some of our favorites include: Aixallia skin care made from an ultra-pure water in Aix-en-Provence that is a million times purer than spring water!   Their rep was charming and quite informative.  Senteales, a Paris-based company, creates amazing aromatherapy elixirs.  Their website and packaging are quite inviting and lovely. Sonӓge’s customizable skin care systems were incredibly clever and such a terrific concept! Akorie, a spanking new jewelry brand offers those sparkly things I like so much with beautiful bracelets featuring drusy quartz. We were also drawn to The Woodhouse Day Spa where we felt significantly more relaxed just chatting with their reps and imaging a day-o-beauty at one of their luxury spas.

At MoJJo, we believe strongly in meeting people face to face, and we consider these conventions an excellent resource for meeting like-minded professionals in the industry, and for learning about current trends and the newest products and services that impact our lives and our business.