MoJJo Welcomes JASA

Sometimes in a person’s career, if they are very lucky, they get to marry their work with causes that matter to them. Such is the case for the women of MoJJo, as we proudly announce our newest client, JASA. They are a terrific organization that advocates for, and serves the older adults in the New York metro area. Their comprehensive services are carefully designed to meet the complex needs of adults as they age.

While their programs are created with seniors in mind, their work benefits families, caregivers and professionals who serve this community and gives volunteers of all ages an opportunity to show their love – including a few rather extraordinary volunteers who are in their 90s and above!

As the organization describes itself: “JASA is one of New York’s largest and among the most trusted agencies serving older adults. Our goal is to keep seniors living safely in their own homes and communities with independence, dignity, and joy.”

Like many women our age, the three of us have struggled to assist older family members, and we understand how challenging it can be to maneuver complicated Medicare and healthcare rules, the social services maze of paperwork and the physical, mental and emotional toll of caring for and protecting an aging loved one. We know also that too many individuals in this age group don’t have family and loved ones to turn to for help. JASA stands for these men and women.

MoJJo is proud to be selected to be part of their work. We’re looking forward to helping tell the JASA story.

Mona, Judy and Julia