A “freshening up” for an iconic brand

We love that Weight Watchers has rebranded to Wellness Wins. The company’s whole history has been about losing weight in a common-sense, livable way. This feels like an evolution for the brand, bringing a fresh newness to it, without losing sight of its history and mission. Looking forward to seeing the new tech tools they […]

We’re all in this together

As individuals, we at MoJJo hope that we contribute to the world in a positive way and work to shrink the size of our (overly-large American) footprint on the planet. I was thinking about this on Earth Day and reading through all the great, inspirational stories that showed up on my news feed. Growing up […]


As we wrap up a very busy Thanksgiving holiday, our country’s celebration of gratitude, I’d like to just speak for all of us at MoJJo when I say we are very thankful for the many wonderful people who are part of our day-to-day – family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Then there are all the wonderful […]

Is the food industry just the best, or what?

OK, I admit it. To me, The Fancy Food Show never gets old! This year, we are off to the Javits Center once again to represent clients and to check out the latest, most exciting trends in the business. Earlier this spring, we attended the Expo West in Anaheim with our client Suji’s Korean Cuisine, […]

The Importance of Recognition

Awards season has begun. And I’m not just talking about the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Sag Awards, but of a range of awards that recognize the innovative work of people in business and non-profit organizations. But unlike those who gleefully get to stand upon a stage and thank their agents, their mothers and […]

Wishing You a Season of Collaboration

What happens when three smart, sassy women enter a room?  Sometimes the viewpoints are the same and then, well, there can be some heated discourse and disagreement.  Yet, even when the women of MoJJo agree to disagree, the concept of collaboration remains key. The dictionary defines collaboration as the action of working with someone to produce […]

A Time To Give Thanks

This time each year, we pause in our work to consider how much we have to be thankful for. Our family, our friends and colleagues, our work, our homes. It’s a pretty long list for most of us, and it’s a list worth taking the time to think about during Thanksgiving. There’s a lot going […]

Congratulations to two outstanding women leaders

Congratulations to two of our clients, who are finalists in the prestigious Stevie Awards for Women in Business! Suji Park, Chief Inspirational Officer of Suji’s Korean Cuisine and Suji’s Korean Grill is a finalist in the Female Entrepreneur category, and Kathryn Haslanger of JASA, the largest and most trusted agency serving the aging in New […]

Reflecting on the Summer Fancy Food Show of 2016

Another Fancy Food Show under our now-loosened belts! What a great show it was this year as we sampled our way up and down the aisles of the Javits Center. Terrific new products and established brands alike introduced exciting new flavors and products that take indulgence to a whole new level or, alternatively, are delicious, […]

MoJJo Welcomes JASA

Sometimes in a person’s career, if they are very lucky, they get to marry their work with causes that matter to them. Such is the case for the women of MoJJo, as we proudly announce our newest client, JASA. They are a terrific organization that advocates for, and serves the older adults in the New […]