Productivity & Organizing for a Better World

NAPO celebrates 35 Years of Service

Association Headquarters contacted MoJJo to assist their 3,500 member client, the National Association of Organizing Professionals, in educating consumers and businesses about their productivity and organizing services, primarily for the Association’s annual January “GO – Get Organized and Productive” Month initiative.

MoJJo recommended a two-pronged approach: identify the perceptions around organizing and productivity to support the January promotion, and provide information for year-round seasonal tips on organizing topics. To support the strategy, we also media trained select board members to serve as spokespersons, surveyed members on their expertise for media support and provided content for a mat release to reach metro suburban communities that have typically called on NAPO members for their services.

NAPO #productivity #organizing for a better worldMore than 4,100 stories appeared nationwide; then as Covid-19 struck, effectively shutting down any in-person opportunities, we pivoted our plan and continued outreach around pandemic-related organizing and productivity where NAPO members could provide expert resources. More than 200 stories have appeared this year on productivity topics in conjunction with pandemic coverage, putting NAPO in the center of conversations about organizing and helping people stay productive, even under stay-at-home orders. As a result of the PR efforts, we generated more than 7,950 social shares and with 180.96k journalist reach with media stories, further supporting the mission to educate and inform communities about NAPO members’ services.