Suji’s Korean Cuisine: Brand-building through Communications

With a goal to introducing the new-to-the-USA brand Suji’s Korean Cuisine to retail and foodservice decision-makers, MoJJo launched a concentrated effort to put Suji’s front and center in the trade media.

In just the first quarter, industry impressions surpassed 1 million and we’d secured a spot for the founder as a speaker at the prestigious Summer Fancy Food Show. Our ongoing work continued to tell the brand story and highlight the extraordinary international culinary business that Suji has built.

Today, Suji’s is a national brand with a presence in Costco, Target, Whole Foods and many regional retail outlets. The company’s foodservice business is booming, as the brand adds Korean cache to hot bars, deli counters and restaurants across the country.

All this with no advertising, just a strong, consistent public relations effort.