Food for Thought

We’re always brewing ideas to help you tell your food and beverage story. From food commodity boards to wine regions to individual niche products, we help you reach America’s stomach – and heart – with recipes and contests, tastings and trade events. We know the writers, the bloggers and the foodie influencers.

Doing Good

Be it breast cancer, aging in place, a clean water initiative, women’s literacy, or a health-related sports and fitness endeavor, we’ll get the word out on your good work, help you create strategic alliances and create events that garner media attention and build a committed network of support for your not-for-profit.

On the Homefront

Whether you have a green home building product, new kitchen tools and accessories for chefs, or an education campaign on flooring options, we have you covered.  We can help you feather America’s nests with strategies for reaching the influencers who educate, inform and share your messages with consumers and home building decision-makers.

Taking our temperature

We’re talking healthcare communications, of course.  You address a real medical need and want to spread the word. From influencing the influencers to opening a dialogue with consumers, we help you articulate what sets you apart, and help you tell your story to the stakeholders who impact your business.

If you’re interested in older women…

The MoJJo family at an event

Ah, those highly influential women of a certain age. High-spending shall we say, mature consumers? A few of us at MoJJo (no names here) are card-carrying Boomer women ourselves, and it’s an audience we get.  So ask us about our Boomer Communications specialty. We’ll help you make a good impression!

Mom-omm! Mommy! Daddy!

Happy family sitting on stairs because they've worked with us

Working with social media’s influencers comes naturally to us. Bloggers have replaced the back-yard fence for sharing information and helping spread the word. We’ll get your brand in front of them and start the conversation you want.