Good Communication Practices Are Key to Credibility

Credibility. Trust. Two core components in a business that most managers would agree are critical for survival in the business world.

But how to achieve it? 

  1. Have a clearly defined message – what is it you want to communicate? What is your purpose, product or planned action?
  2. Meet your audience where they are – in today’s world, there are many ways to reach your target audiences; podcasts, social media, influencers and industry experts, traditional media such as television, radio and yes, even newspapers.  Who are you trying to build a relationship with and consider how best to reach them 
  3. Transparency and authenticity should be your calling card – sincerity and evidence-based messaging carry more power than any grandiose promise or posturing.
  4. Be true to your word – if you’ve put it out there, you must deliver on it. And finally…

Communications is a two-way street – you’ve heard it before, but this is so critical and so often overlooked. Have your messaging in order, but then stop, listen and respond. Respond genuinely and honestly and promptly. Everyone wants to feel heard. By listening more than you are speaking, your communications will be far more fruitful.

We have a number of other tips at hand, and if you’re interested in a presentation training, MoJJo conducts them in-person and virtually, for individuals or a group. Call us to explore how we might help your team put their best foot forward.  

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