#Thankful & #Grateful

So this is the week we get to remind ourselves about what we’re Thankful and Grateful for. Unlike any other holiday that is about gifting or celebrating, this one is definitely a time for reflection, right before tucking in to a lavish, ridiculously caloric meal, not unlike the stuffed turkey or other protein you’re consuming.

What does it mean to be Thankful & Grateful. For me it comes down to thinking about the people, places and things I’ve experienced and how they’ve impacted me.

  1. Family – yes, always an interesting dynamic around a holiday table, but at the end of the day, when we have a family – people we can “count on” to have our backs and to love us even when we’re just not so lovable, well, that’s truly priceless. Yes, grateful for my family – immediate and extended that span multiple time zones and countries.
  2. Friends – Ah, to have friends. As Santa proclaims in the iconic movie “The Polar Express, ” there’s nothing more special than having friends to count on. True, because again, sometimes they love us more than family and vice-versa. That too is a blessing to have a community of people to rely on through the mountains and valleys of life.  
  3. Colleagues, Partners & Clients – These people are the ones we spend the most time with – in-person, via video conferencing, on chat/text. We’ve been so fortunate to have clients that speak to our purpose in making the world better. Working with NSITE, we’ve been able to “see” how those who face vision loss navigate the world, their grit and perseverance truly something to appreciate.

    For our friends at JASA, we are so blessed to help the tell their story of supporting over 40,000 older NYC residents with meals, housing, community and connection. Who doesn’t want to be part of that kind of a place – where they really know your name and you don’t even have to pick up the bar tab?

    We have also had such amazing opportunities connecting with business partners, vendor partners and other PR people who keep us abreast of this evolving industry.

So no matter where you are this season of thanks and giving, be assured that no one goes it alone, we all need each other, and we don’t need to see eye to eye or hold all the same things equal to be grateful for each other.

Final words of advice – yes, eat dessert first. Really, it’s ok.

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