Judy Musa Inducted into LEAD NJ Class of 2024

Our jam-packed schedule starts January with a hybrid schedule, monthly 2-day retreats and experiences across the state from Atlantic City and Asbury Park to Camden and Newark and destinations in between.

Our work will ask us to cross boundaries, work with people of all backgrounds, find common ground on topics and issues and work together in the shared commitment to our state and its success for all New Jerseyans.


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Civic engagement/civic mindedness
  • Shared commitment to equal justice, equity, and equal opportunity
  • Commitment to the fellowship beyond individual experience
  • Belief in the power of transformational leadership
  • Communication as a tool for change (e.g. empathic communication)

Together, we believe that:

  • Transformational leadership has the power to make our state a better place.
  • The ability to  communicate  across  perceived  differences  such  as  race,  gender, religion, economics, and political beliefs is a core skill for all leaders.
  • A diverse state like New Jersey requires diverse leaders working together for the good of all.
  • Long-term commitment to participation in the Lead New Jersey network of Fellows creates connections that benefit both current and future leaders.

Let the adventures to a fabulous 2024 begin!