NSITE and AccessAbility Officer Kickoff the “Getting Hired Playbook”Remote Program for Jobseekers with Disabilities

NSITE, the leader in providing career skills training and employment opportunities for blind and low-vision job talent, and AccessAbility Officer, digital accessibility experts behind the only technical skill-based training and certification for digital accessibility, have partnered to help disabled job seekers gain and retain employment with the “Getting Hired Playbook” (GHP) training program.

“Adding AccessAbility Officer and the Getting Hired Playbook” Program to the NSITE training portfolio will provide another valuable employment readiness resource for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and allow their blind and low-vision clients nationwide build proficiency in navigating LinkedIn effectively to significantly improve their chances of receiving job offers instead of rejection letters. Together, we are equipping job-ready clients to stand out in the competitive job market and get hired,” says NSITE Director of Learning and Leadership Marianne Haegeli.

Developed as a modular, virtual instructor-led three-month program, the GHP equips disabled job seekers with the best tactics and strategies for leveraging LinkedIn, the leading professional employment network, to stand out, get noticed, and get hired in today’s competitive work environment.

“To do what most believe isn’t possible, you need a once-in-a-lifetime team. Our vision is for the US disabled unemployment rate to be the same as the US unemployment rate. NSITE is an undeniable player on the once in a lifetime team we’re building to realize this vision,” says Tanner Gers, AccessAbility Officer Managing Director.

GHP Introductory Zoom Webinar
Job seekers and their VR counselors can learn more about the GHP program, including effective LinkedIn strategies and tactics you can implement right now, Friday, November 17, 2023 at 1:00 pm ET.  Learning outcomes include:

  • Why You Should Leverage LinkedIn to Get Hired
  • Why “Who You Know” Is Critical for Success
  • How to Build Your Brand & Digital Business Card
  • The #1 Getting Hired Playbook Pro Tactic
  • Live Q&A

Register online and make sure you get access to the recording: https://bit.ly/NSITE-AO-GHP.

GHP Program
The 12-week instructor-led GHP program features 6 lectures, 2 interactive hands-on workshops, and an online curriculum with exercises, activities, and supplemental learning materials. Each accessible module covers facets of using LinkedIn to expand your network, identify appropriate positions, and get hired. Topics include:

  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Getting recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention
  • Building your network
  • Getting more and more interviews
  • Getting hired

Registration for the GHP is open now. To speak with NSITE about registering yourself or your client or for more information, fill out the form at:  https://bit.ly/NSITE-AO-GHPRegister