Last spring, NSITE retained our team here at MoJJo to help in their work supporting low vision and blind individuals to achieve their career goals. NSITE is a newly established enterprise that offers training programs, job placement and career counseling. They also partner with businesses to make it easier to hire, onboard, and retain these employees. NSITE has experienced extraordinary growth this past year and now offers an ever-expanding roster of training programs for workers who are seeking to break into (or back into) jobs in IT, finance, and HR. 

One of the things we love most about NSITE is their focus on the positive benefits that a business reaps from expanding their definition of DEIA. As Jonathan Lucus, the Executive Director of NSITE observes, “The benefits of hiring a DEI candidate such as a blind or disabled individual goes well beyond a goal. In today’s world, diversity is a competitive advantage. Diversity of thought is incredibly important. Different lived experiences, different perspectives, different ways of working – these are all critical points in a workplace no matter what industry a company is in.” 

We are proud to support this organization’s mission and delighted to partner with such a genuine, committed team.