Spring Is Here!

Daffodils. Forsythia: Those bright, bold golden yellow flowers and their spring cousins, azaleas blooming bright magenta pink all scream: SPRING IS HERE! 

The deep aromas of hyacinths in dark purple, lavender, rosebud pink, and snow white fill my lungs with a feeling of warmth and calmness.  

Yes, we are finally coming out of our winter hibernation and our cocoons of sweaters and hats to longer days, bright sunshine, and pops of color at every turn.  

We are embracing this time to brush off the cobwebs and clean up our own PR household:

  1. review our website case studies
  2. update this blog (note a few new entries!)
  3. add new clients to our website slider
  4. check in “live” with friends and colleagues we’ve only seen via video conference over the cold, winter months.

It’s this time of year that brings the promise of all that is new.  We’re excited for what rebirth and spring bring, and of course, some extra Vitamin D!

This spring we’re also so grateful again to support the work of clients who are making a difference in the world:

ATC – American Transplant Congress.  We have the opportunity to provide news organizations with the latest news from the life-saving  efforts of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) and the American Society of Transplantation (AST).  Together these two organizations host the Joint Annual Meeting of ATC (The American Transplant Congress) to provide a forum for exchange of new scientific and clinical information relevant to solid organ and tissue transplantation.  The conference gathers together transplant physicians, scientists, nurses, organ procurement personnel, pharmacists, allied health professionals and other transplant professionals.  During the 4+ day conference attendees learn cutting-edge advances in research and exchange of ideas and practice in the field of solid organ and tissue transplantation.

The information shared at this conference is truly life-altering for attendees and the people they help gain new life through their innovations in research.

For our client NSITE, another non-profit organization that provides training and job placement for people who are blind or low-vision and connects employers with this untapped talent, we are excited to announce a series of skills certificates that are not only fully accessible but are now a digital credential through Credly by Pearson. Graduates who share their digital certificates through social platforms like LinkedIn stand out and are easier for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to find them.

By sharing this work we are helping support life-long learning and opening the doors for talent to find their new opportunities this spring.

What are you doing this spring? How are you embracing the new? 

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