What happens when three smart, sassy women enter a room?  Sometimes the viewpoints are the same and then, well, there can be some heated discourse and disagreement.  Yet, even when the women of MoJJo agree to disagree, the concept of collaboration remains key. The dictionary defines collaboration as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. If you know MoJJo, then you know that’s what we’re all about.  MoJJo “Collaborative” Communications.  You see, it’s even part of our name. It’s the backbone of all we do.

We’ve learned that no one can exist, in life or in business, in a vacuum.  Unfortunately we’ve seen how when people are divisive or feel “other than,” or in marketing-speak “disenfranchised,” little gets accomplished. With a spirit of collaboration, forward movement is always possible. Doing business this way with each other and with our clients, has given usa real sense of how much better things go when there’s give and take, open communications and a willingness to listen.  We work hard to develop this type of relationship with our colleagues and recognize how valuable and important this can be to success.

So, as we close out 2016, we look forward to forging new business collaborations and continuing our existing partnerships in 2017!

Happy Holidays,

Mona, Julia and Judy